Winter returns



Well looks like winter is returning, a couple days ago it was 68 degrees here in Victor now look at what is happening. They say next week temps will be back up in the 60’s, unbelievable.It is 1:00PM

Info from UFF:

A quick review of our March meeting for those who were unable to attend last nights meeting:

We had two 50/50 winners, Bill Catalano took home some cash and Norm Brust took home some nice flies tied by Craig Dennison.

Website of the month: – the UFF Blog maintained by John Dwyer – lots of good info posted by John daily. Send any info you would like to share to John at

The Anglers Workshop organized and run Craig Dennison was a great success. The UFF was a beneficiary of that success as we received a $400 check from Craig. Thanks Craig and we are looking forward to helping out with AW 2014.

This Saturday the 10th, we will be at the Joe Triolo Memorial Powder Mill Hatchery Fly Tying and Casting Clinic from 9 – noon. Having Joe’s name on this event is a little tribute to Joe who was instrumental in working with the hatchery folks to get this started. We are all set for tyers, but, could still use a body or two to help folks with casting. Bring a rod if you come to help. The office should be open to set up by 8:30.

L.L. Beans fishing days are the weekend of March 16th – 18th. If anyone would like to sit and tie flies for a couple of hours and talk fly fishing with customers let me know and I will pass your name along. As of now Saturday from 4 – 7 PM are open as is anytime on Sunday.

Dave Agness was our guest tyer. He tied up a tube fly and a shank fly. Both were big flies that he uses for steelhead fishing with the two handed rods. I received a note from Dave this afternoon and  he caught an 8 pound dime bright steelhead today on the Oak on the white and pink tube fly tied last night at the meeting. 

Dave and Agness then gave an excellent presentation on the use of two handed rods both spey and switch. Dave also shared some good information he picked up at the recent state of the lake meeting.

Info about April’s meeting will be coming shortly!


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