Urgent Alert_Army Corps of Engineers taking Tally of Calls Pro/Con DRBC …

TGF Bulletin

Urgent Alert_Army Corps of Engineers taking Tally of Calls Pro/Con DRBC …

The Army Corps is “tallying” the number of calls for and against approving the regulations for drilling in the Delaware River Basin. The deciding vote is on Nov. 21.
Call the Army Corps of Engineers:


You’ll get the secretary for the fed govt’s DRBC representative, Jo Ellen Darcy. Just leave your message urging the Army Corps to vote NO FRACKING in the Delaware River Basin and that we expect leadership on this issue from Pres. Obama!

The DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission) was funded by Congress under US Supreme Court to “protect and manage” the waters of the Delaware River. Unbelievably, despite this watershed providing drinking water to 15.6 million people — 5% of ALL Americans — including NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton, Camden, most of S. Jersey. almost all of Delaware State, the DRBC plans to vote on finalizing draft fracking regulations on Nov. 21.  Composed of governor-appointed commissioners from NY, NJ, PA and DE, plus the Army Corps of Engineers as the federal representative, this body needs 3 votes to pass a resolution.  NJ and PA will vote for fracking.  NY and DE very likely will vote against it.  That makes the federal government the deciding factor.


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